Goals : Establish International Basava Regional Education Center in the New England region, which would become the ultimate "model" for Sharana Philosophy followers in North America.


Honor the social reformer "Saint Basaveshwara" by installing his Statue, for it would be an inspiration for the coming generations and bring pride to the community.
Practice Yoga and Meditation for physical, mental and spiritual discipline.

Jnana Dasoha

Host Lectures, Presentations, History, Background, Experiences, Debates and many more led by scholars.
Cultivate a global community of like minded people in collaboration with established organizations.


Nourishment and Encouragement for promoting Talents in various fields; eg Arts, Sports
Summer camps to improve overall personality , to bring positive change in the lives of an individual
Accommodation for Visiting Artists, Speakers, Guests

Community Service

"Soham Endenisade Daasoham Endenisayya"
Host soup kitchen and feed the needy
spreading the concept " Service is above Self"