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Fund Raising Goal

Update - July 17, 2018: With your generous support we’re able to raise $250,000 and need additional $415,000 as of September 15, 2018 to complete the purchase of the building for the center.

These donations received from Basava supporters from India, Canada, and United States in many denominations ranging from $25 to $50,000. IBC appreciate your coninued support. Remember our goal is to reach $665,000 and we hope to achive this by September 15, 2018.

Project Details
Property has been selected and seller has accepted our offer.

Address: 111 Fitchburg Rd, Ayer, MA 01432   (Ariel View)

Inspection and other due-diligence and Closing is scheduled for Sept. 17, 2018


Cost of the property:     475,001
Inspection/Closing costs:  10,000
Renovation:               100,000 (estimate)
1st year operating costs:  80,000 (estimate)
Total                     665,001 (USD)

IBC is 501 (c) (3) registered non-profit organization Tax ID: 45-5468349.

Please make your donations by credit card

or by check payable to "International Basava Center"

Mailing Address:

IBC Treasurer
28 W ELM Street

or by ACH to "International Basava Center"

Account Number: 8902060788661   Routing#: 044000804


We are a nonprofit organization established to promote the teachings of Basavanna and his principles.
The main objectives of our center is to promote a Basava way of life as the guiding path for a better and unified world through serene and peaceful living regardless of gender, belief, social status, national origin or religion.

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